Jan 08 2009

NASA/JPL Solar Systems Ambassador

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I am a NASA/JPL Solar Systems Ambassador, which gives me the pleasure of conveying my enthusiasm for science and astronomy to lots of young people. I frequently give presentations to 3rd-5th grade classes about the Solar Systems, robotics, “Is there life in outer space?”, exoplanets, black holes, Mars exploration, NASA missions around the Solar system, Star parties (including viewing the moon during the day) and general science.

One of my early memories was meeting my Uncle Fred when I was 6. He stood 6′ 6,” and was president of the Oregon State College system, living in Corvallis, Oregon (or so my memory serves me). I was in my “why?” stage to ask questions about everything, and he patiently answered all of my questions. When he left, I told my dad, “Uncle Fred knows everything.” He sent me a subscription to Science Newsletter, which I read (and reread) every week, hoping to be as smart as my Uncle Fred. I still recall this meeting as a huge influence in my life – if nothing else, he conveyed his passion for learning. I hope to continue this tradition in my family, and inspire a passion for learning about science in other young people that I meet.

Feel free to contact me or JPL to request a classroom visit.


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