Jan 01 2016

Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve, 1/1/16

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I took my drone out to Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve to show some of the traffic issues they are facing.  EFRR is a wonderful gem, a bit remote from most San Diegan’s thinking.  It is tucked away next to the Escondido Creek, just down creek from Harmony Grove.  The Visitor’s Center is designed by artist James T. Hubbell, a visionary artist/architect/poet/sculptor who has been instrumental.

Here is video of my drone hovering 400 feet over the visitor’s center for 10 minutes, sped up by a factor of 10.  In addition to illustrating the traffic at the center, it also illustrates the drone’s “tripod in the sky” capabilities.  It held its position very well, even though it was experiencing winds of 10-20 mph.

Here is an aerial survey I took, putting my quadcopter in autonomous mode.  I outlined the perimeter of area I wanted to survey on my iPad, then uploaded the flight plan to my DJI Inspire 1 drone.  It then flew a zig-zag pattern, taking photos at strategic times.   I then stitched together these images, and orthorectified them into a single image using the GPS information included in each image.  (The drone also uses the Russian Glossnas GPS equivalent, so it was tracking its positions with 15-18 satellite fixes).   These images are integrated with a base map, allowing us to zoom in and around the image.  (Here is the full screen image)

Here is a three dimension view of the terrain, which you can move around:

I flew along Elfin Forest Road to show the cars parked in nearly every available spot along the road, the visitor center, and the overflow parking area. (This video was shot in 4K Ultra High Definition mode)

These were all taken with my DJI Inspire 1 Unmanned Aerial System, tail number N3377B.

And here is a short film I made, interviewing visitors to the reserve.  I worked with Kevin MacLeod who did a custom composition “Elfin Forest” for this film.


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